Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Uganda

So, after more hiccups in Rome & Istanbul we're all in Uganda! Some of us made a quick visit into Istanbul for a coupe of hours and were all impressed. I have accounted for roughly 40-hours in 3-days having been spent: commuting, queuing, phoning, e-mailing, waiting, sleeping on floors, & general silliness getting to Rome to meet up with the team...

We got into Uganda at 5am and slept in until 10am before we hit it hard. Visited a coffee processor, saw Kampala & ate great street food for dinner (a few of us that is). Tomorrow we're up at 8am to get on the road.

Speaking of motorcycle taxis (Boda) we have seen them transporting many people, a full set of car tires, 10-plastic lawn chairs & a frig!

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